The Health Benefits of Autohemotherapy

There are many medical breakthroughs that have shown great benefits to a person’s health and the treatment of a variety of diseases. One such treatment is autohemotherapy. This therapy is done by withdrawing the patient’s blood and then re-administering it to that patient. On its own, it can help boost a person’s immune system. Recent studies have shown that adding ozone to that blood may provide additional benefits to patients.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is simply a gas composed of three oxygen molecules. This highly reactive gas was discovered in the mid 19th century. This gas is pale blue with a distinctive odor. It is most commonly known as a layer in Earth’s atmosphere that plays a role in life on the planet. On its own, ozone has the ability to reflect UV rays from the sun to protect people from adverse health risks. However, breathing ozone can cause it to react with the molecules of the respiratory tract and may pose health risks.

Ozone Therapy

Since the late 1980s, ozone therapy has been utilized to help treat a variety of ailments. It has been shown to have the ability to kill bacteria and viruses. This has caused many medical professionals to utilize this option in treating a variety of infections and abscesses, especially in the mouth. Ozone has also been used in treating AIDS and cancer. It has also been shown to increase red blood cell production and strengthen the immune system.

Ozone Blood Therapy

In many types of autohemotherapy, medications or other treatments are added to the patient’s blood before it is returned to the body. One such treatment involves the addition of ozone to a patient’s blood before returning it to the body. This treatment has been shown to provide improvements in a variety of diseases and help boost the person’s immune system to help them fight the disease.

The ozone blood therapy has also been shown to improve the benefits of pharmacological treatments in cases of postherpetic neuralgia, a complication of shingles. This treatment has potential to provide many benefits in the medical world. It may provide a more natural option to many of the harsh medications often utilized with less side effects.