Getting Rid of Fat: Using a Laser for Liposuction

When a person chooses laser liposuction over other methods, they can experience several benefits. From a faster recovery period too much tighter skin, patients are going to love all the advantages by having a laser used for liposuction. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this procedure here.

It’s a Minimally Invasive Procedure

When lasers are used for liposuction, it’s a much less invasive procedure compared to traditional methods. With traditional liposuction, large tubes are inserted in the skin to suck out and get rid of fat from certain parts of the body. The tubes reach through the areas of fat all around the body, which result in more bruising and pain.

However, when an individual opts for liposuction using a laser, it requires just a small incision for the laser cannula to get to the fat. Once in place, the laser liquefies and sucks the fat cells out, but it also encourages coagulation to help reduce bleeding. These traits, among others, make the use of lasers for liposuction an ideal minimally invasive procedure to select when undergoing body sculpting.

Fast Treatment and Recovery

Because of how minimally invasive this treatment is, patients experience a faster treatment time and faster recovery. Laser procedures are often conducted during a person’s lunch hour or before the weekend. There are minimal discomfort and pain.

Usually, patients who undergo this procedure can get back to their normal lives in just a few hours or days (at most). This allows the doctor providing the services to treat more patients, too, without having to compromise the quality of care that’s provided.

A More Sculpted Appearance

With more traditional liposuction procedures, patients may have sagging skin left over from where the fat was removed. But when a laser was used, the skin is tighter, and the areas treated appear more sculpted.

If a person is looking for an effective way to get rid of excess fat, without the downtime that traditional treatment results in, they should consider the use of a laser. As illustrated here, there’s an array of benefits to be had that make the procedure appealing.