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Ways on How a Hacked Facebook Account Can be Recovered

When Facebook accounts of many people are hacked, the victims do not know what to do in many cases. Many hackers and cyber terrorists are targeting Facebook these days. Facebook is one of the largest social networks, and that’s why they target it. In the article, I am going to talk about ways on how you can recover a hacked account. You can recover a hacked Facebook account when you use few methods. More to that, I will discuss how you can prevent your account from being hacked in this article. Facebook is not invincible even though hacked Facebook accounts are recovered.

Whether the Facebook accounts were hacked is not known by many people. One of the signs that show your account was hacked is getting an email. The content that the email has will instruct one to reset his or her Facebook password even when you did not try to reset it. You can also receive another email that says someone else tried to log into your account if it was hacked. When you click the addresses of such emails unsecured sites are the ones that will open up. When you notice unfamiliar posts, profile changed, or messages you did not send, it is a sign your account was hacked. You will take a few minutes to recover a hacked Facebook account.

When your Facebook account is hacked, the first step you should make is to click forgot password text in your account. A password recovery page will open up when you do that. If you want to recover your hacked Facebook account, you should enter your email, username, or mobile number. A hacked Facebook account can be recovered through two methods. The first method you can use to recover your account is using the associated email. A page that states a Facebook account recovery code have been sent will open up if the associated email is entered.

You should log into your email and check the latest emails from Facebook if you want to find the recovery code. The recovery page will provide you with a box where you should enter the recovery code if you find it. You will be able to open your Facebook account if the code is correct. For you to recover a hacked Facebook account, the other method you should use is the email change notification. The primary email you used when creating a Facebook account will be recovered when this method is used. Your personal details like date of the month will be needed for you to recover your account even though this depends on security and your account.

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